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Visit to Srinagar – Part 1

April 16, 2009

I have never been to Himalayas except Darjeeling which probably all middle-class Bengali have visited once. Debalina has been to many places in North India. I used to get surprised seeing Mt. Blanc, Jungfrau, Titlis …. don’t we have such natural beauty in India? Then she used to talk about her experience in Shimla, Kedarnath etc.

So, this time after a long time I took a week-long break from my work to visit Srinagar. And it was an experience.

Many of my friends / colleagues have asked me about my experience and I would like to share the same. For now, you may enjoy some photos.

SharePoint Designer 2007 is now FREE

April 16, 2009

I came to know this accidentally and it was a great news … SPD2007 is now FREE.

Most of us have been asked the difference between WSS and MOSS. Almost every time we don’t forget to mention that WSS do not need additional license. But then if you need to customize it, you would need to buy license of SPD2007. Now, it’s no more like that. You can get a free copy of SPD2007 and customize WSS sites without paying additonal penny.

For official information from Microsoft, read this.